​G.I. Driver Helps U.S. Military Veterans Transition To Civilian Life

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How do I become a G.I .Driver?

Complete a short application. Click here

How do I qualify to become a G.I. Driver?

You must have been honorably discharged from a branch of the US Military (Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard) and you must pass the G.I. Driver background check.

Where do I need to live to be a G.I. Driver?

Any of the 50 United States.

Does G.I. Driver take a percentage of my earnings?


What are the benefits and perks?

G.I. Driver provides you with information, skills and introductions to help you successfully transition to civilian life and obtain employment or start your own business.  In addition,  as a member of G.I. Driver you can take advantage of significant discounts offered to our members on all types of products and services by numerous companies that want to acknowledge and help veterans.

Is there a G.I. Driver program that caters to college students/GI Bill students?


How can I contact G.I. Driver, including to update my membership/personal profile information?

Please email info@gidriver.com with your question or comment.